© 2019 by Sami Joensuu.

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We really wanted to work with the Angry Birds team at Rovio, but at that time it was literally like asking the prom queen for a dance. We'd have to get in line.

We thought of how we could stand out and came up with Slavitch, our fictional champion of a character. We made a training video, mocked digital gaming and challenged Rovio to a face off with Slavitch, the world champion in Yahtzee (he wasn't). We made everything from the visuals to the film itself as lo-fi as possible, eventually delivering it all to the Rovio office, with no prior explanation. 

Slavitch won the challenge and thus began a relationship between the agency and Rovio that continues to this day.

Only the brave.

Agency: Luxus Worldwide

Creative Concept: Sami Joensuu, Frederique Vermaete & Tuomas Vanamo

Film Director: Sami Joensuu