This project was focused around storytelling. Nokia and Vimeo partnered up to provide young filmmakers with the opportunity to pitch their script and come up with an idea for a film to be shot entirely on the best mobile camera at the time, the Nokia N8.

Thousands applied with their idea until the final 8 were selected. They were all given a Nokia N8 + 5,000USD to make their film come to life.

The competition was kicked off at the Vimeo Awards and the winning films were eventually premiered at the Edinburgh International Film Festival.

Although the project was of course centralised around a technological product, it gathered lots of praise from the indie filmmaking community for bringing mobile filmmaking and young filmmakers to the spotlight.

Client: Nokia & Vimeo

Agency: Luxus Worldwide

Creative Concept: Sami Joensuu & Frederique Vermaete

Winning Film Director: James W. Griffiths

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