Nokia n9 seconds

The Nokia N9 was one of a kind and it deserved a tailored campaign exceeding its reputation. Taking a leap of faith with the concept which was eventually dubbed, "The World's Fastest Commercials", the campaign had to be fast, interactive and memorable.

To cover all social medias and to accelerate the coverage, with six intertwined videos that were nine seconds each, 20 codes were hidden and clues were gradually, yet randomly leaked. All leading to one site with hundreds of thousands of attempted cracks and over 2,88 million views as a result. Oh, and there was also the N9 announcement video, a youtube channel, a viral site, a gift box and the amazing full edit at the very end.


Have a look at the summary video for a full picture of the campaign. Password: N9

Awarded silver for Best Digital Marketing Campaign by Vuoden Huiput

Client: Nokia

Agency: Luxus Worldwide

Production Company: Acne

Directors: Anders Forsman & Linus Johansson

Creative Concept: Sami Joensuu, Frederique Vermaete & Tuomas Vanamo

© 2019 by Sami Joensuu.