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The Royal Artist Club was a small "let's give it a shot" type of project that grew into a gargantuan community over a space of several years. I had the pleasure of being on board for the ride from an early stage. The idea was simple. In a pre-facebook era, Nokia was looking to further their foothold in the space of the new, very tech savvy generation.


To do that, a concept was proposed where bands/artists could take content and upload it to a website/blog fully customised for them. All straight from their phone. Sound familiar? Well, back then it was unheard of. RAC started small, with a few bands and grew to contain hundreds of bands from The Misfits to Erykah Badu and several thousands of online followers.

We published contests where fans could win exclusive goodies from their favorite bands. We created content where fans could hear the albums before they were released and got access to VIP events in their area whenever the bands were in town.

RAC truly grew into a massive online community, one of the first of its kind. As Facebook and the likes took the social media space by storm, RAC grew into a dinosaur and it no longer made sense to try to grind our teeth against the signs of the times.

We were happy to let it go into the great retirement home somewhere in cyberspace.

Every now an then though, I will still get a random email from a Manowar or M.A.N.D.Y. fan asking when the site will be back up.

Client: Nokia

Agency: Luxus Worldwide

Creatives: Several over the years as the concept involved so many elements. Some key people were, Frederique Vermaete, Brad Bevill, Jaakko Pietiläinen, Tuomas Vanamo, Anssi Mäkelä, Arto Joensuu, Jussi Solja & Juuso Myllyrinne.

Producer: Mikko Koskenoja

Film & Creative Director: Sami Joensuu

© 2019 by Sami Joensuu.