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Legendary filmmaker/screenwriter L.M. Kit Carson (Paris, Texas & Bottlerocket), was at the forefront of mobile cinematography when he wanted to head into Africa with nothing but a batch of Nokia 93 devices to document his episodical documentary, Africa Diary.


Throughout the journey, I had the pleasure of leading the digital elements of the creative process. The project spanned for three years and arrived at a time that the mobile filmmaking boom was beginning. This gave us the framework to take the project to panels/screenings from the Sundance Film Festival to the AFI Film Festival in Los Angeles.

Eventually, the episodes earned the appreciation of Robert Redford himself, leading to the entire story being aired on the Sundance Channel.

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Agency: Luxus Worldwide

Production Company: Mainpix

Producer: Cynthia Hargrave

Writer & Director: L.M. Kit Carson

Digital Creative Concept: Sami Joensuu

© 2019 by Sami Joensuu.