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If you

This project was about an insurance product for young folks but the product had no name, no strategy and no visual identity. In other words, it had nothing.

The digital strategy was focused on the consumer and eventually coined the name, "If You". This thinking was extended to all visuals, the renewed buying process as well as the product's main campaign asset, the video of "Miss Fortune", or the world's worst fortune teller. The quirky video walked the audience through the whole product in a fun, personalised way by aggregating its data from Facebook into these haphazard "predictions" delivered by Miss Fortune.

Client: If...

Agency: Luxus Worldwide

Creative Concept: Frederique Vermaete & Sami Joensuu

Illustrator & Set Designer: Brett King

Art Director: Jukka Mannila

Film Director: Sami Joensuu

© 2019 by Sami Joensuu.